Type Definitions

downloaderConfiguration :Object

Name Type Attributes Default Description
checkFS boolean <optional>

Check the file system for this file prior to downloading.

checkMD5 boolean <optional>

Check the MD5 hash of the file against a stored hash on the web resource, MD5 hashes will be accessed from

toDirectory string <optional>

The directory to save these files to

File :Object

Name Type Description
url String

The local web url to access this file

size Integer

The size of the file in bytes

type String

The mime type of the file

isFile Boolean

If this file is a file (likely to be the case)

isDirectory Boolean

If the file is a directory (not likely to be the case)

name String

The name of the file

filePath String

The file path of this file

directoryPath String

The path to the directory this file is in.